About Us

My husband and I love traveling and experiencing new adventures together! We both have good jobs (I am an attorney; he is a financial analyst), but we are by no means wealthy. However, most people tend to assume we make a lot more money than we actually do based on our travels and hobbies. Our friends often ask us how we afford all the trips we go on and exciting weekend events we attend, so I decided to start this blog to explain how we experience Rich Living, with Less Spending. Everyone deserves to have fun in their lives, but fun is not always cheap. We find the best deals at the lowest prices so we can pack in as much fun into our lives as possible. That being said… we are not the backpacking, living off the kindness of others, and staying in hostels type people. Maybe we would have traveled that way if we met in college before we started our careers and our tolerance for discomfort decreased, who knows?!

Right now we balance our work life and play life by choosing several short vacations with one or two lengthy trips per year sprinkled in; this has allowed us to have short getaway weekends to cities such as Chicago, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Dallas, while also enjoying longer trips to locations such as Costa Rica, Honduras, and Greece. We go on at least one trip per month, sometimes more, and spend our weekends at home in Scottsdale, Arizona by golfing, going to concerts, attending countless music and food festivals, and so much more. We have had so many great experiences and still have money in the bank. Stay tuned to learn how to keep up with the Joneses without spending like the Joneses!

Enjoy pictures of our adventures below for a sneak peek of some of the places I will write about:

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica1009803_10201642761295869_411788958_n.jpg

Scottsdale, Arizona (our home)


Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Roatán, Honduras


Las Vegas, Nevada11026148_10206016872045904_2686967883356721347_n.jpg

Belize City, Belize


San Diego, California


Uvita, Costa Rica13932730_10209892139685173_7617016734807142701_n.jpg

Email us at hi@RichLivingLessSpending.com for help with your event and travel planning!

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5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. This is a fantastic idea! I believe you will open up the world to all the armchair travelers who may have let their dreams fade by holding on to the constraints of waiting for “some day when I’m rich I will go to…” Now, let’s all start packing!

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