Down and Dirty Fitness with the Rugged Maniac

As I have made pretty clear through my Facebook posts and previous blogs, I am an adventurer when it comes to my experiences. I love the adrenaline rush from jumping out of a plane, zip lining through caves, and free diving with sharks. So, when I heard about the Rugged Maniac 5k obstacle course/mud run, I knew it was an event I had to participate in!

Here at Rich Living, Less Spending, we want to make sure our clients have the most fun for the least amount of money! For that reason, we are giving away complimentary tickets to the Rugged Maniac 5k! This is a fun, adrenaline-filled event that takes you through 25 challenging obstacles and lets you get down and dirty throughout the race. This is so much more than just run – you can play beach volleyball, ride a mechanical bull, and more. After the run, enjoy a complimentary beer (which you deserved) at the Rugged Maniac’s after-party!

The best news about this giveaway is that it can be applied to all locations, so there is NO reason for you to hesitate to enter! The locations are throughout the US and Canada, so enter now for your chance to win.*

Ok, so how do you enter to win these tickets?

Simply email with the subject line “Rugged Maniac Entry – [your desired location]” for your chance to win a pair of tickets to the Rugged Maniac!

If you want to skip the giveaway and purchase tickets, email us/Facebook message us/comment/contact us in any way for a promo code to receive for 15% off your purchase at Rugged Maniac!


Phoenix Participants: Join our Arizona team take on the Rugged Maniac on November 18, 2017! Click here for more information about our local event!

*Winners will be selected randomly. Winners will be announced September 15, 2017. Please check your location to see verify that your race will occur after September 15, 2017. If your race happens before September 15, 2017, please email us to receive a discount code. We will not sell or distribute your information. We only want to help you do what you love for a discounted rate!


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