Ain’t No Party Like a Polo Party Cuz a Polo Party Don’t Stop

It’s that time of the year again in Arizona when the weather gets cooler and all the best events start rolling in. There is almost an overwhelming number of festivals and local events during the upcoming months in Arizona, but we have one in particular that rises above all the rest – The Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships. That’s right, polo – like the horse kind of polo.

Now, most people don’t know much about Polo except that it looks awesome because of the coordination it must take to hit a ball while balancing on a moving horse. I fell into that category as well. Luckily, I ended up being classmates in law school with a pretty awesome polo player, Pamela Flanagan. I knew she traveled for polo matches, so when I found out she was actually in the Women’s Sunset Polo Match at the Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships, I got a few friends together to cheer her team on! Little did I know just how amazing this event would be…


Many Arizonans have attended the Waste Management Open AKA Wasted Management Open AKA Phoenix Open AKA One of the Biggest Parties of the Year. Seriously, hundreds of thousands of people attend this golf tournament each year! It’s really fun but can get a little crowded and overwhelming. To us, the Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships is like a more exclusive, high-class version of the Waste Management Open. And how could it not be when it’s in conjunction with the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction and Arabian Horse Show?

Our favorite part of this event is that with everyone dressed to impress watching one of the more elite sports I can think of, there is no shortage of champagne and alcohol flowing. There is a canine couture competition, fashion show, Barrett-Jackson preview, day clubs, VIP lounges, cigar booths, and so much more to do there.


You can experience this two-day event to whatever level you want, ranging from General Admission to RV parking with a premier Steak 44, Neiman Marcus & Barrett-Jackson tent. We want you to have just as awesome of an experience as we have in the past, so we are happy to offer you discounted tickets as well as a giveaway!

And, because we want you to have the BEST experience you can, we are giving away VIP tickets to the Barrett-Jackson Champagne and Jazz lounge as well as a Sideline Parking Pass.* In the VIP lounge, you can watch the matches while in the comfort of shade with complimentary mimosas through half-time of the match in your own reserved seat. With a Sideline Parking Pass, you get to drive your car field-side to enjoy the polo matches, watching them from the comfort of your car. And, you and all your passengers get General Admission tickets! So, load up your Escalade and bring all your friends.

All you need to do to enter is email with the subject line “Polo Party Giveaway.”

If you already know you want a different ticket option or can’t wait for the giveaway to be announced, here are ticket options that we offer at a discounted rate (visit to purchase):

15% off General Admission: code “RLLS15”

10% off Molina Fine Jewelers Drivers & Players VIP Lounge: code “RLLSVIP10”

15% off Barrett-Jackson VIP Champagne and Jazz Lounge: code: “RLLSVIP15”

20% off RV day Pass (please note… very limited space is available): code “RLLS20”

10% off Sideline Parking: code “RLLS10”

Check out our event page for more information by checking out our Facebook event page

*Winners will be selected randomly. 1st place prize: 2 Saturday VIP tickets; 2nd place prize: 2 Sunday VIP tickets; 3rd place prize: 1 Sideline Parking Pass. Winners will be announced November 5, 2017. We will not sell or distribute your information. We only want to help you do what you love for a discounted rate!


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