Coachella & Stagecoach – What to do When You Aren’t at the Festival – Palm Desert, CA

I’ve been attending Coachella since 2006, which makes me makes me sort of an expert. People always ask me for advice before they go to the festival. But, the one thing everyone seems to forget about is what they’re going to do when they’re not actually at the festival. This where I’m even more of an expert. I was born and raised in Palm Desert, CA only a few miles from the Polo Fields. Most of my family still lives there, so we visit often.

With my years of Coachella wisdom in mind, here is a list of my favorite places to go when not at the festival.

Date Shields: One of the coolest and best-priced places you can have breakfast or lunch! We love the convenience of how close it is to the festival, the quality of food is outstanding, and this truly is a best-kept secret. Not many people know you can even eat here! Make sure to try the date shake!

Look out for this sign – you can’t miss it!

Keedy’s: A great little diner with amazing breakfast. One of the oldest and best restaurants with a great menu and history to boot. This is a great place to get a solid base of food for all the adult beverages you plan on having at the festival. It does tend to get a little crowded during this time of year, so be early if you can or try one of the other recommend spots on our blog!

Teddy’s Donuts: If you love a delicious treat for breakfast, you gotta go to Teddy’s donuts! I’ve been coming here since I was 5, and my wife said I can only keep going there if I continue to work out. They are the best donuts in the WORLD… ok Valley! Sorry, I got a little excited thinking about it. Try the glazed twists!

Goodies Cafe: Another staple in the Valley; this place has THE BEST BREAKFAST BURRITO EVER! Packed with all the necessary ingredients to cure that Coachella hangover. Did I mention it’s also across the street from Teddy’s (see above)?!

-Del Taco: Cheap, delicious, but most importantly open 24/7! Need I say more? There are a few in the Valley, but the most convenient one is located in La Quinta off of Washington St. and Hwy 111.

-Groceries at Ralph’s or Stater Bros: Go to one of these grocery stores all of your hydration and grocery needs without having to break the bank. They can be found on Washington St. by Palm Desert Country Club and the I-10 off Washington St. *TIP* Buy groceries to save A LOT of money! We load up on red bull, fruit, snacks, and alcohol to get the party started.

Old Town La Quinta: This is a row of great Mexican restaurants that have amazing margaritas and a fun atmosphere. If you want authentic Mexican food in a cool part of town, this is where to find it!

Hot Yoga & Sound Baths: This is a great way to get up in the morning and sweat out all of the toxins from the night before! Bliss Chakra Spa is one of the best spots in the Valley but remember to plan ahead because it’s by appointment only. You won’t regret it as long as you can wake up in time!

All Tressed Up: For the ladies that love getting into the Coachella spirit, All Tressed Up is the number one spot to get your hair looking Instagram ready when taking pictures at the festival. It’s conveniently located at one of the hottest spots in the Coachella Valley — El Paseo in Palm Desert.

El Paseo Shops: Speaking of El Paseo… this string of shops starts at the intersection of Hwy 111 and El Paseo Dr. This is the Rodeo Dr. of the Coachella Valley. A bit on the pricey side because there is every designer shop you could fathom all in one row… just in case you need to upgrade your wardrobe for the concerts. Also, you’ll notice all of the great art with fun places to eat and people watch while you decide on your Coachella setlist plans with your crew.

I hope this has been helpful. Remember, Coachella and Stagecoach are marathon festivals… not sprints. Have fun; be safe; don’t forget to hydrate.


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