Our Favorite Hotels

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If you’re not sure where to start, here are the top 10 hotels our subscribers booked over the past year!

#1: Zolna Yachts in San Diego! Definitely recommend this experience to anyone visiting San Diego regardless of the time of the year. The owners are so kind and helpful and it truly is the best way to experience everything San Diego has to offer!

#2: New York New York in Las Vegas! This is definitely our go-to hotel for Vegas. We’ve stayed here for free using myVEGAS a couple times. However, even when we pay for the room, it’s well worth it! We’ve had great food, service, and entertainment here.

#3: Tesoro Los Cabos in México. This is definitely our go-to hotel in Cabo San Lucas. We stay here every time for about $100/night. The location and views are amazing.

#4: Nature’s Edge Cabinas in Costa Rica. It’s hard to describe the awesome pura vida lifestyle of Costa Rica until you visit. This is a perfect B&B to have as your home base while you explore all Costa Rica has to offer.

#5: Hotel Ruidoso in New Mexico! This one is so popular because our Ruidoso blog has blown up lately. Who wouldn’t want to visit this winter wonderland?!

#6: The DoubleTree in Dallas! Dallas is not an easy place to find cheap hotels, so it makes sense that this one has been popular throughout the year! Great price without sacrificing comforts.

#8: Bellagio in Las Vegas! This hotel is one of our personal favorites. You can get a weekend in this luxurious hotel for about $200/night.

#9: Tucson’s La Paloma! This hotel is the perfect excuse for weekend escape. The beautiful views are well worth the cost.

#10: Lake Havasu’s Quality Inn! At less than $100/night and located in a great part of town, this is the perfect hotel for Spring Break 2019

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